Ana Molovceal is the protagonist of the Vulcan series. She embodies the most recent incarnation the the Vulcan and plays a large role in the assault on the Bosses of Los Sabios.

Ana was was born to an unknown mother and quickly put up for adoption at {} Hospital. She had stayed in the hospital for two weeks until a young couple took her into their care. Ana had grow up with one other sibling, (Brother) Molovceal, who was already six years older than she was.

Academically, Ana was very bright. She scored mostly all A's throughout school, save for several B's and C's.

Appearance and Character Edit

Ana appears to be Southeast Asian. Physically she is fit and she stands at 5' 6'.

(Brother) played a major role in Ana's life: Ana saw him as a success and learned many things that (B) had learned from his parents, like fighting and education (which are comically different topics). (B) taught the basics of streetfighting, and later advanced forms. She learned moves, human weaknesses, and what to do in worst case scenarios. Throughout Ana's childhood she wanted to be like her brother but, during her early teens, she decided that she would be more happy living life on her own terms and not following someone else.

Emotionally she drew away from her family throughout her early-to-mid teens but grew a stronger connection again by the time she was 17 years old.