The Bosses are physical embodiments of crime in Los Sabios. All Bosses are supernatural in nature, meaning they have abilities that do not reasonably fit in the natural world. The physical form, crime they portray, location, and ability they have are completely unique to each Boss. The existence of a boss means that the crime they represent exists. In turn, if a Boss is eliminated then the crime they represent nearly disappears. The crime the Boss represents will always remain as crime is a natural part of life, especially life in a city like Los Sabios, but the Bosses amplify crime based on the energy they have.

History Edit

There is no origin to the Bosses. They have either always, partially, or never existed in extended history. Since the bosses are supernatural, they don't fit within the tree of life even though many of them appear to be vertebral tetrapods. There has been scripture on the Cryptids of Los Sabios but there is not much evidence to suggest that these are the Bosses.

There is no knowledge as to whether a similar situation exists in other cities, or if the Bosses are exclusive to Los Sabios.

Knowledge of the Boss' presence began in the mid 1980s, when a group of individuals came upon the Lie Boss after rumors of a huge ghost were passed around.

Interaction with Society Edit

Since they personify crime, their influence creates a daily interaction with the public. This interaction is between criminals, victims, police, vigilantes, and practically anyone who can be affected by crime. Almost all of the citizens of Los Sabios are unaware of the presence of the Bosses, save for one underground organization.

The Organization has been aware of the Bosses since 1985 and has reached out to contain close to 350 members by 2033, including the most recent incarnation of the Vulcan, Ana Molovceal. Up until 2033, the Organization was able to eliminate two bosses but were unable to progress further due to the extent the other bosses had strengthened.

List of BossesEdit

• Lie Boss

• Religious Zealotry Boss

• Suicide Boss

• Animal Boss

• Heist Boss

• Suggestion Boss

• Paraphilia Boss (deceased)

• Hedonism Boss (deceased)

Energy Edit

Energy is what gives them their unnatural abilities and forms. Energy is almost like a drug that manifests itself within vulnerable individuals, and causes them to devote themselves to the crime they have been affected by. Boss energy (like regular energy) cannot be seen and it never disappears. Though all bosses seem secluded from one another, their energy is all connected. The death of a boss removes that boss' possession of energy and distributes it among the remaining bosses. All Bosses are physically equal and thus they cannot eliminate one another no how advantageous they appear. Only a third party can eliminate a Boss, though it will be challenging, especially when each other Boss gains power at the death of another.